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King under the Mountain Prototype

The prototype of King under the Mountain - a simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology


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June 2018 Update - Return of the King
First of all, apologies that this monthly update is a little late, things have been a bit full-on to get ready for the Kickstarter campaign - launching July 17t...
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New game build available!
Hey Itch.io followers! It's been a long time since the last publicly available build so I thought it worth pushing out a quick devlog to let you know you can no...
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May 2018 update - Second breakfast
This month actually saw a lot more progress than I was expecting, but less visual progress than I was hoping! I'll get into that shortly, but first here's a lo...
April 2018 Update - Flora and Farming
Another month has flown by and development is kicking up a notch to be ready for the goal of a Kickstarter campaign in July. The over-arching feature currently...
March 2018 Update - AI rewrite and heading back to Kickstarter
There's big updates and small updates since last month, so let's go over the small news first. Firstly many thanks to Alex Esin who has been a huge help with lo...
February 2018 update - Rounding out the edges
Hello from the world of King under the Mountain ! This past month involved a lot of tidying up and smoothing over of rough edges that have been hanging around...
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