June 2018 Update - Return of the King

First of all, apologies that this monthly update is a little late, things have been a bit full-on to get ready for the Kickstarter campaign - launching July 17th (that's less than 2 weeks away!). It came with a tough decision of having to cut a feature from the prototype I really wanted to get done in time, which is getting the dwarves to eat food (and needing to eat food). As it is, you can now build kitchens which will be stocked with water barrels (filled with water from buckets - for now!), worktops (where raw ingredients harvested from crops are stored) and cauldrons. A chef will come along and add ingredients and water to a cauldron before cooking it into a delicious soup. The actual kind of soup produced is procedurally generated based on the ingredients, so just adding carrots will produce "Carrot soup" while potatoes and corn will make "Potato and sweetcorn soup".

The tricky part with this is making sure that it works well (or at least well enough) in other languages. On that note, there's now translations in place for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Polish and Portuguese (both European and Brazilian). If your native/favourite language isn't there, I'm planning to add an easy way for players to add more language translations to the game in the not too distant future, but not until after the Kickstarter has finished. Languages with a large number of characters (Japanese, Chinese) or those that read right-to-left (such as Arabic) are particularly difficult to implement in the framework King under the Mountain is built in (LibGDX), so while I can't promise support for those languages yet, I do really want to be able to support them in the future.

It's a little too soon to show off the new trailer (and Kickstarter video) yet, but as part of the production I'm super excited to be able to share the new track by Jordan Chin titled "King under the Mountain" as it is intended as the main theme of the game!

Perhaps most importantly, ahead of the Kickstarter the latest build of the game is now public and available to download! Ahead of the Kickstarter launching, I'd love to get any thoughts and feedback on this build. Be sure to drop by /r/KingUnderTheMountain to create a general thread or please raise a new issue for any bugs or problems at King-under-the-Mountain-Issue-Tracking/issues.

Which means that's probably it for dev updates until the Kickstarter campaign. Depending on how the campaign goes I might switch up the current monthly dev update to something else, or at least there won't be the normal monthly dev update here as all the upcoming updates will be via Kickstarter, at least while the campaign is running.

As always, thank you so much to those of you following these updates and being excited for the game making progress. It's a huge motivator to know there's people out there who want this game to be made (other than just me!) and a successful Kickstarter campaign really should, er, kick-start development up to another level. When the campaign does kick off, please share it wherever you think most appropriate to get the word out, as it is that word of mouth that makes all the difference between success and failure.


King under the Mountain Pre-alpha 6.12 linux64.zip 163 MB
Jul 25, 2018
King under the Mountain Pre-alpha 6.12 macosx.zip 150 MB
Jul 25, 2018
King under the Mountain Pre-alpha 6.12 win64.zip 152 MB
Jul 25, 2018

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I've always loved DF and every single 'clone' that came after it, for better or worse. Gnomoria, Rimworld, Timber & Stone, Stonehearth, etc etc. This may be a niche market, but there are thousands of us, hundreds of thousands of us all over the world that want to see a game like this come to light. The engine this is built on allows for a complex system to be intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and most of all playable- unlike DF, of which I love to pieces but seriously needs work in the graphics/UI department to be palatable to most gamers, that don't want to spend weeks to learn a single system, and that is something most agree on.

Even if the Kickstarter doesn't pan out, please move to Patreon! I and many many others would gladly support you guys there, for as long as it takes. This game has promise.

Keep at it KUTM Devs!

Thank you very much! There actually is already a Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/kingunderthemountain as a sort of build up to the Kickstarter over the last few months (patreon backers will be credited in the post-campaign pledge manager equal to what they put in), so now the Kickstarter is in full swing (and certain to reach the goal!) I guess it will transition to more of a donation thing as there's a few crazy people who want to keep that going :)


Youre an absolute legend, and I cant even start to tell how much I love this game, even in this state. This game smacks a huge smile on my face, mostly because it reminds me of Rimworld, but also that its MEDIEVAL Rimworld, its legendary and I love it! Keep up the good work.

That's probably the highest praise I've ever received for this game (or anything really) so thank you very much!! It's still very early and I have a lot of very exciting things I can't wait to add in the future :)

The Windows version is crashing on startup on Windows 7.

It loads the main menu, but freezes after clicking new game, and then crashes.  The log.txt file is empty.  Is there anything else I can provide?

Huh, very odd that the log file would be empty and that makes it tricky to track down. Could you let me know what graphics card you're using? Also I've put out a few small bug fixes (though none that I think would make a difference to this) so could you confirm you're on the pre-alpha 6.4 version? Thanks for your patience! 

I'm using a GTX 980 Ti, and I downloaded the game shortly before I posted, so I think it should be fully current.

As a followup, I just tried again, it crashed before even getting to the main menu, and I also got a popup from Windows advising me my display driver had crashed and recovered.  I am using the latest NVIDIA drivers.  Log file is still 0 bytes.

Huh, tricky, that's the same graphics card I'm using too. I'm going to fix some other crashes I've been made aware of today and push a new build out, see if I can do more to get stuff into the log for this, can't figure out yet why it would be empty.

Also might be worth toggling to windowed mode and seeing if that works or not.

Unless there is a config or a command line option, I can't get to a place where I can change windowed mode in game.  It crashes before the main screen is loaded.

Oh in your original post I thought you were saying it loaded the main menu (where toggle full screen is), but then starting a new game crashed. Hmm so maybe there's something missing in the startup to log any errors, although it's going to have to be a really early point as most of the startup code is covered by logging.

The best thing you could try, if you don't mind, is downloading a Java 8 runtime from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.h... then going to the location of the game and executing "java -jar undermount-desktop.jar" which would then definitely spit out some clue as to why it's not working. 

Oh also it would help to know what desktop resolution you're set to.

Also added a new build now, though I don't expect it'll help with this problem, but you never know!