Alpha 6 released

Alpha 6 - 9th August 2021

- !FIRE! Fires can now be started by rogue sparks and flames (which should be rare) and there's a new order to attempt to put out fires

- Hopefully fixed the music bug that was causing tracks to start playing despite volume being set to 0

- Added weather systems:

    - Rain

        - Dwarves will be upset at walking, working or sleeping in rain

        - Rain has a good chance of extinguishing any fires

        - Iron and steel items and furniture will eventually rust and be destroyed if exposed to rain for a very long period

        - Copper will develop a lovely green patina if left exposed to rain for a very long period

    - Snow and Cold winds

        - Doesn't upset dwarves, but might kill them from sleeping in it

        - Smaller chance to extinguish fires

        - Snow also applies rust like rain

    - Thunderstorms

        - Lightning strikes occur infrequently and may start fires

- The player now selects where they spawn when starting a new game

- Added new hair and beard assets for dwarves

- Reworked dwarven eyebrows as the colouring was slightly off

- Male dwarves are now only 40% likely to be bald (down from a whopping 70%)

- Fixed an issue with renaming zones (with thanks to Altreus for highlighting it)

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Version Alpha 6 Aug 09, 2021

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