May 2020 Update

Hello and welcome to a massively delayed King under the Mountain dev update! I am truly sorry for missing the last 2 monthly dev updates - it was a point of pride that one was always released while development has been ongoing, even if not always on time! As with most small businesses and in fact people around the world, COVID-19 has had a hugely disruptive impact which is the main reason for the radio silence for the last couple of months. While it's not been all stop on the game development front, it has been extremely disrupted but I'm happy to say that quite the opposite is going to happen for June - due to the economic recession of the virus, my day job is changing from 5 days a week to 3 days a week, so the good news is that (for a while at least) I'll have two working days to commit to gamedev and get the project back on track!

While I don't have any new gameplay features to show off this month, I am very happy to announce a new music track by Jordan Chin to add to the game's soundtrack. "Dawn" is another track to accompany the peaceful expansion of your settlement, and it captures the essence of its namesake perfectly - have a listen!

Those of you following the dev updates previously will know I planned to attend and exhibit at EGX Rezzed. No surprise now that the event has been cancelled and even a postponement looks unlikely, so perhaps next year instead.

I'm progressing with a number of small improvement and tidy-up tasks from Alpha 3, which should include an interesting change to gameplay that I'll go into more detail on next month.

The period of relative quiet has allowed me to consider the roadmap as a whole. Seeing as the demand or size of the community isn't quite there yet to be creating mods for the game (and the game itself still being in relatively early stages where more features need adding before mods become more interesting), I've decided to push back the central mod repository and code modding features until after the Steam Early Access release. That means more gameplay features sooner to get the project on track for a release on Steam, with the expanded mod support to follow sometime after. I can't give any specific timelines at this point, but let's see how things go now that I should have more time to dedicate to development!

And with that, it's onwards for more focus on gamedev and gameplay features in general. Maybe next month will even have the release of the long-awaited dwarven beer brewing? See you then!

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