The "Game's Not Dead" sorry for the delay Update

Hello followers of King under the Mountain development! This is the much-needed huge apology for the radio silence for the last couple of months, it's always been a great motivator to have the monthly dev updates out somewhat on time, but there hasn't been anything posted from the end of June until now. Well, the main message is not to worry, development isn't dead, I'm always going to stick to finishing this game until it's finished, or else I wouldn't be able to create anything afterwards!

I'd have liked to have put an actual new version release out alongside this post, but it's been so long since the last update I figured it was better to post this first and then aim to (finally!) release the brewing beer update. Following that will be manual selection of crafting by the player (quite a big change from the current automated process! Perhaps players would prefer a mix of the two?) and then it's on to more content on the road to Steam Early Access.

It's not been all-stop for the last couple of months either, I've been working with an artist to produce a lot of the new assets that are going to be required between now and the Steam release, primarily this has been a lot of different animal species to be added to the game, including backer-specified rewards, and of course, elephants.

Still, I wanted to post this really brief update rather than put things off even longer to a proper update with more details. Perhaps I'll finally release that brewing beer with the next monthly update? Again though, more than anything I want to apologise for the lack of communication and I'll be doing my very best that it doesn't happen again.



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Will there be a March or April update?

One or the other yes, sorry for missing the February update, hate it when that happens, just crazy busy!

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Hi, I think a mix would be good, as my current group are hellbent on making all of the tin cauldrons that the entire dwarven race would ever need! Now I wouldn't want to stop them, per se, but it would be nice to be able to nudge them in another direction, maybe :D

Haha yep that's exactly why it's needed :)


Thanks for the update. Yeah, I was worried a bit but hoped all is well.

I do think a mix of manual and automated would be nice, like for instance making ingots and metal sheets automatically but any products out of these manually. Or tell them how many times you want something to be produced to not waste materials later on when you can make alloys (if those are not made from ingots).

Tool production should be manual only unless they'll break later down the road.