Alpha 2 Release!

Thank you for your patience since the launch of King under the Mountain, I'm proud to announce that the next major update, Alpha 2, has been released!

This includes the following features and bug fixes:

  • Added settler and resource overview screens, no more hunting for lost dwarves! These new screens are designed to make it easier to locate your settlers and resources. Clicking on either of them will jump the camera and set the UI's focus. 
  • Replaced the placeholder smelter and metalworks with a more fully-featured production chain: 
    •  Ore requires crushing at an ore crushing station, similar to converting logs into planks at a sawmill 
    •  The ore crushing station requires metal hoops to construct, so be even more careful with your starting resources 
    •  Smelting ore into metal now requires fuel, either: 
      • Coke produced from crushed coal in a coke oven 
      • or charcoal, produced from burning wooden logs in a charcoal clamp 
    • Forging items by a blacksmith also requires fuel
  • Added option to make trees partially transparent when a settler is behind them 
  • Improved selection of graves/sarcophagi so only ones with navigable access points are selected 
  • Stopped trees from growing very close together 
  • Settlers now only awake after 30% sleep need fulfilled when starving or dehydrated, compared to waking up instantly 
  • Stockpiles now show how many tiles/spaces are currently in use 
  • Rooms now have a name and can be renamed by the player 
  • Items allocated to be hauled somewhere will now give a short description of their assignments 
  • Added an icon to the windows executable!
  • Fix for river zone allocations so dwarves don't go a very long way to drink from the river (thanks Johnstein)

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I have no clue how to download my kickstarter reward from This is the les userfriendly site I've ever visited.

If you've claimed your key already, there should be a download option at the top of

Your key should have been emailed to you by BackerKit, but if you've missed that you can retrieve it at

Thanks. I managed to fix it after a while. ;)

Balancing got a bit off with this update, it's practically impossible to keep the dwarfs fed through the second year unless you're able to build an entire forge and get all the materials ready and running before Fall. Without cauldron, the food consumtion is too high right now.